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Duck River Dance now offers DRDaily, a daily video service

for schools, distance learners and home schoolers.  

DRDaily provides a daily dance segment culminating 

in a fun combination at the end of the week.

One Week - $10 (Five videos)
One Month - $40 (Four weeks)
One Year - $350 (Nine months)

Weekly subscription will be available on the Monday after your order is received.
*Monthly and Yearly subscription will be available by the 1st of each month.


To subscribe simply email us a duckriverdance@outlook.com


"These videos are a godsend! My students are up and moving-even my virtual ones.  They get to learn from a dance professional, and so do I.  We have fun dancing together, but if I need to attend to another school matter, my students stay engaged with Danelle's easy-to-follow instructions.  DRDaily videos are perfect for public, private and homeschool teachers."

-Karen Lewis

6-8 Speech & Theatre

Manchester City Schools

Payment can be made via check or PayPal.
Checks should be mailed to Duck River Dance:

121 E. Main St., Manchester, TN 37355